Crazy first week of school.. A lot of, not studying, not doing school stuff. Mainly just doing stuff with BAP, catching up with old dorm friends, and getting drunk with some awesome people (both on 2nd and DTF). Great birthday week. Great memories. 

Now, it’s time to switch gears. Get that study grind going on, work hard, get the ball rollin. I’m pretty pumped, excited; great things are going to happen. 


Kyle killin it again in DTF. (at Back Alley DTF)

Kyle killin it again in DTF. (at Back Alley DTF)

After several years.. Great time catching up. “Oh look, a bird”

After several years.. Great time catching up. “Oh look, a bird”

Been a while.. Chill time catching up

Been a while.. Chill time catching up

Anonymous said: So. Life.

Hah.. silly..

Putting this into perspective, it is actually an interesting thought.

Life; it’s great. Things this year, have been pretty awesome. This summer was a blast; probably one of the most fun summers I’ve had. Did quite a bit:

  • Went Kayaking in San Diego
  • Summer Session at LB (and got an A in Tax; hell yeah)
  • Pharrell & Bruno Mars Concert
  • American Author, The Script, and OneRepublic Concert
  • 5K Spark Run / Kaskade Concert
  • Watching the World Cup 
  • The Album Leaf Concert
  • Witnessed another Wedding of my neighbors / childhood friends
  • Caught up with BAP / Accounting friends 
  • Developed myself through the BAP Resume workshops and Mock Interviews
  • Melissa Polinar Concert
  • Snarky Puppy Concert
  • Developed myself even more with the EY Mock Interviews
  • Explored DTLA
  • Finally went to DTF (Downtown Fullerton -__- )
  • Went on a number of hikes
  • Tried a little bit of Taiko
  • Caught up with a good number of friends from back home that I hadn’t seen in a long time (some who I hadn’t seen for 2, 3, 4+ years)

Very eventful summer; very happy with it. Given that it’s the end of summer and school is going to be starting up again soon, I’m pretty excited to get back into a schedule of things with school and such. 

So yeah. Life; it’s great.

Taking a step back from everything, it’s crazy to see whats happening in the world. It’s like one of those “holy shit, the whole world is going to hell” moments. 

Anonymous said: what do you think is more difficult to march? indoor or outdoor?

Outdoor I guess. Band… |:

"Where do you see yourself in five years?"

In five years, I see myself working with either a mid-size or big-four accounting firm. By that point, I will be a senior or hopefully promoted (or in the process) towards a manager position at whatever firm I’m at. By that point, also have my CPA license (of course).
Wherever I am within the firm, I hope to have had some sort of impact among my peers and have the utmost confidence in my abilities to perform in the audit practice (that is of course while still learning as much as I can). Assuming that the firm I’m with has such, I would be involved with a club/committee of some sorts. 

In addition (and also depending on the firm I’m with), maybe apply for a Global Exchange Program of some sorts and work in another office in another country or so for a while, depending where I am in my personal life. 

Regarding my personal life, I have no idea where I would be at. I see myself in a happy relationship with someone I love; I see myself living in an apartment or house, maybe with roommates, depending; maybe owning a dog; still keeping young, but moving forward with life. While this is what I see and imagine things to be, it’s impossible to realistically predict this. The status of my personal life is something (as funny as it may sound) that I feel like I can not foreshadow or control the future of. So much can change within a span of five years.

And while I value and praise this idea of where I would like to be personally, it’s something I can not plan for. One’s personal life can not accurately be predicted; a career can be.

Thinking about the idea more, I hope to possibly spend time traveling as well (perhaps something I can actually control planning). Being inspired by specific movies and people around me, perhaps spend time each summer traveling to a new country of some sorts with a number of friends. That would be pretty neat to do. 

This is a typical question that is asked for some interviews. For my own thought and enjoyment, I figured I would answer this myself in an formal / informal setting. If it was a formal setting, I would have cut it off after the second paragraph or so. 

Great late night decisions.  (at Pink’s Hot Dogs)

Great late night decisions. (at Pink’s Hot Dogs)

Watched Guardians, found this cool hipsterish place. Good times with @gerrari  (at Bourgeois Pig)

Watched Guardians, found this cool hipsterish place. Good times with @gerrari (at Bourgeois Pig)